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Ultrathermal-HIFU ThermoLift RFwave 3-In-1- Anti-Aging Combo

“UltraThermal” at Facework Aesthetics Clinic
HIFU thermoLift RFwave

The 3 Anti-Aging Solutions that have Taken the World by Storm

It is no longer a secret that celebrities and socialites receive regular HIFU thermoLift RFwave therapies to reverse signs of aging. Both treatments utilize heat energy to combat symptoms of aging, which is why many have previously wondered which one to go for. But is it possible to have the best of both worlds?

The answer is YES! Because at Facework Aesthetics Clinic, we proudly offer the “UltraThermal”, which is a combination of the 3!

Medical practitioners with more than 5 years of experience have concluded from clinical trials that even more improvement in skin conditions have results from treating with
HIFU thermoLift RFwave. However, professional skin specialist must be engaged in making procedure plans and extra care when operating is needed, due to the two therapies targeting different layers of the skin and aiming for different effects. It is anticipated that merging two procedures will be the trend in the near future. As an authorised provider of HIFU thermoLift
RFwave, Facework Aesthetics Clinic hereby presents the [HIFU thermoLift RFwave] anti-aging combo, specially integrated for world-leading anti-aging results.

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Hifu is an ultrasound lifting and wrinkle reduction system with visualisation, which focuses on optimal ultrasound lifting in the SMAS layer. When collagen and elastic fibres in the SMAS layer are damaged and deteriorate, the skin starts to age. Hence, the key to rejuvenation is to stimulate collagen regrowth deep in the SMAS layer, which is exactly what Ultherapy does. Its optimal temperature reaching an optimal depth of skin enables excellent firming and lifting results by one single session. During the procedure, heat energy penetrates the skin without heating the epidermis, targeting the precise layer without damaging the surrounding normal skin tissues, hence counteracting  any aging problems from the core.

What is the thermolift ?
Thermolift is a new generation of Isreali non-invasive anti wrinkle technology, breaking the traditional, completely non-invasive, which applies advanced radar navigation and positioning the patent technology to make advanced focused RF energy penetrated to the dermis and SMAS layer that traditional surgical lifting to reach. It makes collagen protein to immediately shrink and stimulate them regeneration and reorganization, then construct a new collagen fiber network. Three dimensional improving skin supporting structure from deep to shallow. A single operation can get firming skin, lifting face and removal wrinkle, immediate effect, which beyond the majority of non invasive firming project.

   1. Wrinkle removal.
   2. Face lifting.
   3. Increased blood circulation.
   4. Body slimming and fat reduction.
Help lymph drainage.
   6. Use with anti-wrinkle gel or collagen recombination gel.


The latest RF WAVE device springs from the RF WAVE series of non-surgical tightening and wrinkle reduction systems. Focusing on non-invasive firming and wrinkle smoothing, practitioners use a patented applicator to generate an electric field, accurately aiming at the dermis and heating it up to 65-75℃. By causing heat to the dermal fibres, RF WAVE triggers the body’s self-healing mechanism, rebuilding of collagen, as well as instantaneous tightening and firming of the skin.

Optical Waves and Target Layers: Focused Blast + Transmission Blast

HIFU penetrates deep into the SMAS layer and achieves brilliant lifting results with focused ultrasonic energy blasts.

RF WAVE is a monopolar radiofrequency solution that penetrates the dermis via electromagnetic waves. By sending blasts of heat and energy, it can achieve desirable results when targeting fat, collagen and muscle fibres.

● Treated Areas: Face and Neck + Eyes + Body = Covering Head to Toe

RF WAVE focuses more on superficial layers and fine lines, and treats a wider range of body parts, including the eyes, neck, hands and back. There are 3 applicators to treat 3 different areas: the face, eyes and body.

HIFU focuses on deeper layers of the skin, especially the SMAS layer. It is mainly used on the face, especially the jawline to rebuild youthful facial contours.

By integrating the two, almost every part of the body can be covered. However, it is advised to first consult one of our practitioners regarding the condition of your skin, so we can come up with a comprehensive and customised anti-aging beauty plan.

● Procedures: DEEPSEE Visualisation Technology + Ink Grid = Complementing One Another for Extraordinary Results

HIFU is an ultrasound lifting and wrinkle reduction system with visualisation. Its unique DEEPSEE technology enables practitioners to carry out simultaneous visualisation and treatment, as they can target the 8MM-deep SMAS layer tissues and see precisely where they are treating throughout the procedure.

RF WAVE engages their core ACCUREP™ technology to optimise energy transfer. This technology ensures evenly distributed energy pulses are precisely transmitted to treat the skin, as well as minimised risk of burns.

When engaging both RF WAVE ink grid and HIFU visualisation transducers, the two treatments will complement each other and deliver significantly enhanced results. In this case, 1+1 is more than 2.

● Results: Lifting, Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction in All Skin Layers

HIFU focuses on lifting and fat burning. It acts like reinforcing bars in construction. By targeting a desired area with personalised depth, the treatment penetrates as deep as the SMAS layer, reinforcing and providing support to lower layers of the skin, achieving fat and double chin reduction, contouring firming, as well as face lifting and tightening.

RF WAVE focuses on tightening, wrinkle and sagginess reduction, fat elimination in superficial layers, as well as improving skin health. It acts like cement in construction, which adheres to other materials in a building to bind the whole structure together. The treatment mainly targets the dermis. By setting and hardening the ‘cement’, the patient’s facial contours are sculpted and lifted.

By incorporating ‘reinforcement bars’ and ‘cement’ into our 2-in-1 combo, the two procedures work together to provide the ultimate support to constructing a well-defined face.

Your Top Choice for the 3-in-1 “UltraThermal” Therapy


HIFU thermoLift RFwave


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